BBC Biggest Weekend Fringe Employability Event

The BBC Big Weekend is coming to Swansea in May, and those lucky enough to secure tickets will get the opportunity to see headline acts such as Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran perform. In the build-up, the BBC have been running a range of fringe events across the country as part of a creative and comprehensive outreach programme which has included live musical performances, industry insight, workshops, Q&A’s with influential figures, employability events and work experience opportunities. Read more

Swansea people securing better employment thanks to College scheme

A programme designed to strengthen Swansea’s workforce has supported nearly 400 people and 80 businesses across the city during its first six months in operation.  Read more

How to get ahead in your career – ten tips from an employability expert

Whether you’re just starting out in the working world or your current role is getting a bit stale, a little motivation can help you get ahead in your chosen career. Here with ten tips on how you could get ahead in the workplace is Cath Jenkins, Employability Partnerships and Programmes Manager at Better Jobs, Better Futures, a Gower College Swansea initiative which provides support to people across the city seeking new or better employment.  Read more

Futures Academy Blog – My Potential, My Future

The Futures Academy kicked off in the first week of February and what a fantastic start it has been! Read more

Underemployment: what is it, and how is it affecting workers in Swansea?

Recent figures have shown that Wales has the highest rate of underemployment in the UK, with employment patterns in Swansea indicating a similar trend. Here, Cath Jenkins, Employability Partnerships and Programmes Manager at Better Jobs, Better Futures, explains underemployment, its effects, and what is being done to tackle the issue. Read more

New year, new opportunities

The new year can be an ideal time to consider a new career opportunity but for many people just knowing where to start can be the biggest hurdle!

If you are in employment and considering a career change, seeking a return to employment after spending time out of the world of work, or simply looking for that all important first job, you could benefit from the support available through Gower College Swansea’s Better Jobs, Better Futures programme. Read more

The Recruitment Minefield: Why it’s so easy to make bad recruiting decisions and how to avoid repeating them

As a business owner, HR Manager or line manager, you’ve probably experienced the downsides of recruiting. Getting it wrong can be time consuming, stressful and costly. But with recruitment so often being a guessing game, trying to filter out those candidates who are simply experts at navigating the process from those with true talent and potential can be a seemingly impossible task, particularly when you’re under pressure to fill the role now! Read more

Swansea workforce programme continues growth

-Better Jobs, Better Futures welcome seven new appointments-

A new programme designed to strengthen Swansea’s workforce has welcomed several new appointments to its team.

Better Jobs, Better Futures, which is run by Gower College Swansea, has taken on a number of new staff within their Workforce and Recruitment teams to further develop their support for local businesses.  Read more

3 ways Better Jobs, Better Futures can help businesses across Swansea

Better Jobs, Better Futures is a brand new programme from Gower College Swansea aimed at supporting businesses to recruit, retain and progress their staff. We work with businesses who employ people from Swansea and the surrounding areas to deliver a wide range of support aimed at enhancing employee engagement and improving workplace planning, progression and productivity. Through expert career coaching and access to the college’s wider portfolio of skills support, we work with individuals who are seeking new or better work to match them into opportunities with local employers and equip them to be effective employees. Read more

Better Jobs, Better Futures: 3 ways Swansea’s brand new employability initiative is one of a kind

‘Better Jobs, Better Futures’ is a new employability programme supporting people in Swansea seeking new or better employment and businesses seeking to develop and expand their workforce. Here, Employability Partnerships and Programmes Manager, Cath Jenkins, takes us through how Better Jobs, Better Futures, is different to any other employability programme. Read more